On May 17 and 18, 2014 the Evanston Go Club taught Go to over a hundred enthusiastic attendees at Anime Central (ACen), the largest annual anime convention in the midwest. We taught non-stop for 13 hours on Friday, and 11 hours on Saturday. The two-day event ended with a 9×9 tournament for beginners, with 20 participants. Everyone who participated received a 9×9 starter set and a copy of The Way To Go.

This is our 10th year at ACen, and it was a blast! Most people stay for perhaps an hour. We teach them the basics, and they play a few games. There’s a lot to do at ACen, and Go is a very small part of it. But some of them can’t get enough Go, and spend the better part of the weekend with us!

Last year there were 25,000 attendees at ACen, and everyone gets along. We’ve never seen any kind of tension or altercation in all these years. These kids all accept and enjoy each others’ passions and differences without judgement. The world at large could learn a lot from them.

Many thanks to the tireless Lee Huynh for his enthusiastic help all weekend.

View a video of the teeming throngs at ACen here:

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