Lending Library


Earlier this year, long-time EGC member Ian Feldman passed away. Ian generously bequeathed his collection of Go books to the club. We have consolidated all of Ian’s and Mark’s books to create the Ian Feldman Lending Library.

There are over 100 books in the library. Anyone may borrow a book. Simply send me an email at mark@evanstongoclub.org with your request, and I will bring the book to the next club meeting. Books will be lent for one month at a time. As long as there are no other requests for the same book, you may extend your lease for another month or two.

Please see the two PDF’s; one is a simple listing of all the books, the other is a detailed list with pictures and descriptions.

Those of us who knew Ian will never forget him. A part of him will live on as we share his love of Go with others.

Go Books Summary
Go Books Detail